We offer a broad selection of ethnic wear for boys with the Brand Name AJ Dezines and for girls with Brand Name of Adiva. We aim to provide a wide selection of Kids wear which includes kids ethnic wear, casual wear, accessories and a lot more.

For us at AJ Dezines, it’s about wholeheartedness — we’re as all-in as every parent and kid, squeezing every last drop of joy from each day. It’s also about encouragement — helping kids express and discover themselves with smart product that’s never too precious and it’s about individualism, as well providing the authenticity and distinctiveness worthy of each one – of – a – kind kid out there.

We understand how challenging it is to find the time to shop for our children and to find new and unique styles. At Aj Dezines we aim to provide the latest selection of distinctive outfits to make shopping easy and enjoyable. We currently carry Ethnic wear of boys, girls and baby clothes and will continue to add more new designs that reflect our styles.

Whether going for parties, occasions or any other events our children should feel comfortable and confident. We aim to offer clothes that reflect our children’s varied personalities and interests, and we endeavor to reflect independence of thought and creative thinkers.

Let our clothing reflect our individuality.

We hope you enjoy shopping with us.